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FStoppers | 14hr Wedding Photography Tutorial

Fstoppers never ceases to amaze. This video promises to me everything and more of what wedding photographers needed to either get their photo careers off the ground, or to enhance an already lucrative career. From the looks of it, some are having a bit of a harsh reaction to the price tag to the tune of $299.99. Some feel the money could be better put to more or better equipment. While this might be true, we all know the equipment is not what makes the photographer, but rather the willingness to learn, try, fail, and repeat is what truly makes a great photographer. This is something I will be picking up to add to my arsenal of knowledge. After all, you need to spend money to make money.

Understanding How Your Camera Reads Light

Proper exposure is one of the keys to excellent digital photography. You can learn how to choose the right exposure for any particular shot, and then set ISO, aperture opening and shutter speed manually. You’ll find all the details in the five-part series of articles, starting with Read on…

Canon Speedlites with Photographer Joel Grimes

PTARMAK Design | Austin

Great Design Inspiration

100 Photography Tips

A Good Start to Nailing the “Landing Page”

Complete Guide To Choosing A Photographer

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Creative Motion Design Contest

Hey peoples! Creative Motion design is running a giveaway to celebrate passing their 5k Facebook friend mark. Either click the image below or go this THIS LINK to enter!

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