About Me

I am a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Communication specializing in Advertising and Promotions accompanied by experience in Marketing. My college experience was a great starting point for my career, but ultimately was not the place where I earned most of my experiences as a creative. It has been and continues to be, the experiences that I share with clients during freelance projects and professional interaction that continues to help me develop my skills.

My Experiences

Worx Branding & Advertising,  Web Developer / Photographer .com

The general day to day: Developing, implementing, and maintaining Internet/intranet applications, defining site objectives by analyzing user requirements; envisioning system features and functionality and helping with the development of client SOWs, designing and developing user interfaces for Internet/intranet websites by setting expectations and features priorities throughout development life cycle, determining design methodologies and tool sets, complete development utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, contributing to team meetings, troubleshooting development and production problems across multiple environments and operating platforms, supporting end users , updating and increasing job knowledge by researching new Internet/intranet technologies and software products; participating in educational opportunities and reading professional publications.

Academy Printwear,  Intern – Graphics, Motion Graphics, Apparel Design .com

Academy Printwear was my first introduction into the industry of graphic design and client interaction. My experiences as an intern was very much different than what a stereotypical intern would do such as getting coffee and running errand. AP describes their internship opportunity as a “very hands on experience, where you experience every project”. This description is very actuate when compared to my responsibilities. Everyday was a new experience and opportunity to connect with different people from music artists

to large companies such as MTV. Academy really helped me to grow up and see the larger picture for what it is worth. I was able to understand that I couldn’t design in a bubble and continue to live life doing things I felt were comfortable. I was introduced to new music and culture unlike any class could have ever offered and was given chances to travel to company events to expand my understanding. I truly loved going and made the most out of it.

Greatest Piece of Advice: “You can’t keep thinking the world is going to come to you, you need to branch out and make yourself noticed. You’ve got talent kid, make everyone see that.”                                   - Peter Fertiguena, Co-Owner Academy Printwear

Phoenix Communication Group LLC, Intern – Lead Designer, Publications

One of the greatest opportunities my degree has offered me is a wide range of outlets to further my education in areas where traditional lessons couldn’t be learned in the classroom. As a small company, Phoenix Communication Group works to offer seminars to a large range of groups. From student based groups and professional organizations to staffing and greek organizations, Phoenix develops and presents professional presentations to these groups on a multitude of subjects. My role as an intern for Phoenix Communication included developing advertising and marketing pieces throughout the year for potential clients. Such pieces included developing direct mail marketing, handouts, and presentation design. All of which became a new outlet for creativity and deadline management. I still do freelance work for Phoenix as a way to work with great people and build upon networking.

Greatest Piece of Advice: “You can’t say YES to everyone. Sometimes NO keeps you from stretching yourself too thin and developing poor work. Its better to give 100% over fewer projects then giving 50% to twice as many.”                                                                                                                            - Robert Vass, CEO, Phoenix Communication Group, LLC

Universities Finest LLC, Co-Owner – Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design .com

Universities Finest was developed between myself and my business partner Max Lowy as an idea that grew from our college dorm room. During our time at SCSU we were both heavily involved with campus organizations, greek life, and as student workers, but we wanted to do more before we graduated. UF started out as an idea to design and develop products for colleges, for students by students. Now that we are in our second year with a successful first we are working with student based groups and greek life organizations to produce fundraising opportunities. Also, with the coming of our second year in business we have redefined our company to included event planning, web development, photography, and marketing. The greatest part to our entrepreneurial experience has been the opportunity to work with great individuals, network, and learn! I have learned more about marketing, business, customer service, and advertising by owning my own company that sitting in a classroom has every provided me. While this is true, it is my experiences that have given me the knowledge I’ve needed to start my own company.


Professional & Student Organizations

Resident Advisor / Community Advisor, .COM

For those looking to have a very unique and challenging experience in college should do some research into becoming a RA or CA (Same Position, name changes per university). Besides being an around the clock job, there is no skill that is ignored from either being developed or challenged, especially if you become an early adapter to the position and stay committed for a good duration of your college years. The position initials, but is not limited too, program / social development, peer counselor, mediator, community builder, heart healer, late night advice giver, and the list goes on. Being an RA helped me to network and build skills many college students do not face until they are well out of their college years.

AAF – American Advertising Federation, .ORG

WARNING TECHNICAL DEFINITION: “The American Advertising Federation (AAF), headquartered in Washington, D.C., acts as the “Unifying Voice for Advertising.” The AAF is the oldest national advertising trade association, representing 40,000 professionals in the advertising industry. The AAF has a national network of 200 ad clubs located in ad communities across the country. Through its 226 college chapters, the AAF provides 8,000 advertising students with real-world case studies and recruitment connections to corporate America. The AAF also has nearly 100 blue-chip corporate members that are advertisers, agencies and media companies, comprising the nation’s leading brands and corporations.”

I joined AAF to build on networking and to surround myself with creative and influential people. Not to mention that this is one of the most prevalent professional organizations available to students and professionals. I utilize there online bank of journal articles and constant updates about what is current in the field of Advertising.

Lambda Pi Eta Honors Society, Communication .ORG

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA). I completed my communication degree with an overall 3.5 GPA in my department and with knowledge that superseded the run of the mill college experience. When I decided to start a degree I wanted to do something involving graphic design, advertising, marketing, photography, and web design. Instead of just getting a degree in Graphic design by joining the art department, I wanted to get those same experiences, but with a professional element. The communication department offers a degree in communication with four concentrations of Video Production, Interpersonal, Organizational, and Advertising & Promotions. In choosing A&P I would receive experiences in all the areas that I was very interested in an also gain knowledge in advertising, marketing, and professionalism. Lambda Pi Eta is a great way to really be appreciated for working hard in all areas of your degree.

Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity .COM

Every time I mention I am apart of or an alumnus of a fraternity I get the same response from everyone, “oh, you’re a frat boy”. I spent every fall semester working to put together adverting campaigns for Beta to place us in a more positive light to demonstrate to new students that not all fraternities are the same. Beta Mu Sigma Fraternity is very Philanthropic based organization aimed to not only better the members of our organization, but those around us and the community that we live in. To date we have raised $100,000+ for Special Olympics of Connecticut, participated for the last 1o years with Relay For Life, and committed to ten’s of thousand’s of community service hours around our local neighborhoods. This philanthropy mind set is still a large part of my life and I continue to give back.

As an active member of BMS I held almost every position my fraternity offers from Scholarship to President. It is here that I learned to work within a team, build strong friendships, become a project manager, event planning, and most important discovered my love for creatives. It was through Beta that I found that I had a talent and a keen eye to design, develop, and implement great advertising pieces that presented my contently stereotype organizations into a much more positive light.

Not only did my love for Graphics begin with my fraternity, but my motivation to achieve more and desire to get involved really flourished. This platform lead me to becoming an RA, join other organizations, push my academic life, and make me a well rounded person. As much slack fraternities receive, I am a true testament that being apart of a greek organization does not mean boozing and skipping class. For myself and my fraternity I can truly say I took lessons learned and every opportunity to better myself and my brothers. I am very grateful for becoming a member and continue to love every minute.

Residence Hall Association .COM

Formally known as IRC (Inter-Residence Council), now known as RHA (Resident Hall Association) has been a large part of my life from my freshman year up to the day I graduated. Since I worked for the Office of Residence Life during my entire college career I did a great amount of work with and for RHA. Every apparel design, poster, brochure, table card, photography,  and logo has been a collaboration between myself and a slue of members and advisors. Even with much of the work becoming very repetitive, short deadlines, and low budgeted it was exactly what I needed to get the experiences of working with local companies and build knowledge of how to work with clients. My work with RHA expanded well past just doing graphic design. I also worked events and participated in day today functions of the organization.

Senior Class Council

Facing my senior year I wanted to do something different before I graduated. I joined the Senior Class Council to not only gain more experience working with incredible people, but I wanted to really make my fellow graduates senior year along with my own, a time to remember. In a few months we planned numerous social opportunities, professional lectures, survival guides to facing the real world, and a senior class trip to Virginia Beach. This experience became a great cap to my college life and has really prepared me to graduate and search for my next big life change!