Wedding Photography

This year is shaping up to be a GREAT wedding season! Planning your wedding? Set up your consultation, 2013 is looking to be the biggest year yet and is booking up fast! Click here to see examples of work.

Let’s be honest…

this isn’t your grandmothers weekly game of bridge! Meet new people, put yourself out there, and network for heaven’s sake! You can’t design in a bubble nor should you. Network to discuss new concepts and push creative ability!

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  • Is Anyone Pinterested In This?

    If you're working in an advertising, marketing, socially driven firm you more or less have heard about or started to use Pinterest. This continuously developing social platform is quickly becoming a house hold name amongst the fellow hot shots of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

    I am highlighting this because while it is slowly being adopted by the advertising big wigs, I can see some great benefits to using this on both a business level and a customer interaction level. Visual information is king in a world of non-readers! Pinterest »
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  • Graphic Design

    I am the type of person who will stay up to the early hours of the morning reading and researching about the latest trends and newest design techniques thats are making the cutting edge of advertising.
  • Photography

    Armed with my 5D Mark II & my 70-200mm lens I love to capture what inspires and drives me to be creative. I have worked with models, bridezillas, and passionate designers, all of which helped me to become a better photographer and a more driven individual.
  • Web Development/Design

    Designing websites with and for clients has become an amazing experience. The opportunity to develop a large part of an identity package, while pulling upon my graphic and photography know how makes web design both a challenge and a pleasure. With a growing website portfolio, I look forward to every new project.